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21 August 2012

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There Goes The Sun
26 June 2012

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24 June 2012

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2 January 2009

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Janay Dancing
3 April 2008

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Love Birds
30 August 2007

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24 August 2007

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Pirate Teefe
14 August 2007

Recent Comments

B. Thomas on Maxx, Kingston
Happy Silly Tuesday! ;-)

:*:VITA:*: on Orange Palm Tree
OH WOW you asked this a while ago, LOL sorry its totally natural?

lyse on Frank Bass 4 The Elevated Hip Hop Experience
bon cadrage... noir et blanc bien rendu... bravo

Stunner on Frank Bass 4 The Elevated Hip Hop Experience
Cool capture

charlenecollins on Orange Palm Tree
I like the coloring, is it editing or natural?

charlenecollins on For All My Peeps
ah peeps, sweet!

Sarito on For All My Peeps
ha ha ha.. cool shot!

elrubns on Room With A View

Lindsay on For All My Peeps
lol! is shout out to all my peeps too!

Lindsay on Leaving
nice way to catch a sunset!

Rags on Leaving
The image looks really pretty.

Santhosh on Leaving
nice photograph....

Gautam on Room With A View

Candice on Dope Sandwich
Music/ black and white

Candice on BREAKDANCE!!!!!

Candice on Da Glass

Candice on hmmm
Music/color I love this picture man!!!!!

Candice on Bongos
Abstract/black and white

Candice on The Famili
People/black and white

Candice on Leaf
Nature/black & white

Candice on CaN u C tHe DrAgOn
I want to do a gallery of four black and white and four color. Sub categorized in nature, music, abstract, and people. ...

:*:VITA:*: on AftaDaParty

Vanessa on Sunrise Daytona Beach
Oh wow, look very spiritual it's fabulous

toni on The Elevated Hip Hop ExperiencE
.Congratulations on your photos, I found beautiful catch and good colors. good job.

This Guy on Tough Junkie
Ya know I love ya work. All Rye

Jen on OutSide The Job
Beautiful pink!!!! Hibiscus are always so beautiful to capture...nicely done!

your momma on S T O P...
indeed we should... stop

Rags on Tough Junkie's
so much can be said about this image. All i can say is what kind of junkie is she?

Tara on Tiki
I love this picture of Tiki...Very nice DevitaRo

daisey on ...Peace
classic shot, girl!

daisey on Flower Power
now you KNOW i love THIS one! ;)

daisey on BREAKDANCE!!!!!
wow! is that kenski?? defying gravity?

Junk on Orchid
Lemon lime lemon lime Lemon lime lemon lime Lemon lime lemon lime Sprite.... Obey the fakeness! And Junkie leaves

Junk on ...On the boat
Rock the boat, Don't rock the..... what it is? And Junkie leaves

Junk on Talk To Tha...
Mush! And Junkie leaves

Junk on Before The Shave
Ohhh Snap! Those legs..... And Junkie leaves

Zing on Talk To Tha...
Nice details, great shot!

kairospix on Dope Sandwich
i like that glint of light shining on the trumpet and the capture of his soulful facial expression! good b&w shot!

Rags on Janay comming wit the dopeness
4 real!

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